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"To Be, or Note To Be"

- Not  Shakespeare is founded in 2018 by a team of creative heads who thrive to come up with innovative planners and notebooks. Along the way, we will spot out life saver tricks and will do our best to fill this market gap by developing mainly print products in the fanciest yet most practical ways, to make life easier and well planned.

Our first product was "The Bride Planner."


We decided to work on "The Bride Planner" as we saw the endless number of brides who are always crammed with a lot of things to do, and they get lost in the middle, so we thought of coming up with the first and only complete bridal guide to help the bride organize her planning phase to enjoy her special days, in the transition from Ms to Mrs, instead of feeling exhausted. "The Bride Planner" is a best seller!

Our bridal line is a one of its' kind in Egypt so we confidently launched new lines for studying and planning. With a great variety of notebooks, pocket-size notebooks, to do lists, planners and more, we have got you covered whether you are a student, employee, entrepreneur or a bride. 

We are always cooking for you lots of cool stuff so stay tuned for the updates, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and most importantly come back soon to have a look ;)

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