Girls just want to have fun... Get your hands on your bachelorette party decorations with this box of fortune.

Bridal Box

  • All your bridal needs are now with Note To Be an easy dream came true. We prepared a Bridal Box for you to have all you need.

    What is inside the Bridal Box?

    1. Bachelorette Party Decorations

    • 4 Big letters gold helium balloons making the word BACH
    • 10 Gold Balloons
    • 2 Fuchsia Paper Fans
    • 12 Face Party Sticks

    2. 1 Bridesmaid Planner

    What is inside The Bridesmaid Planner?

    1. Note To The Bridesmaid
    2. Note To The Bride
    3. 2 Questionnaires (How well do you know the bride?)
    4. How to be the best bridesmaid?
    5. Coloring pages for your bridesmaid dress
    6. Place to describe how you want your dress to look to the tailor
    7. Bridesmaid Power Checklist
    8. Coloring Figures
    9. Bridesmaid Needs Checklist
    10. To Do List
    11. Priorities
    12. Notes
  • No return or exchange is allowed after purchase.