Now you will say "will you be my bridesmaid?" in the most creative and practical way.


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The Bridesmaid Planner (5)

  • The Bridesmaid Planner pack of 5 planners each has one "Note To The Bride" and 2 questionnaires "How well do you know the bride?".

    What is inside The Bridesmaid Planner?

    • Note To The Bridesmaid
    • Note To The Bride
    • 2 Questionnaires (How well do you know the bride?)
    • How to be the best bridesmaid?
    • Coloring pages for your bridesmaid dress
    • Place to describe how you want your dress to look to the tailor
    • Bridesmaid Power Checklist
    • Coloring Figures
    • Bridesmaid Needs Checklist
    • To Do List
    • Priorities
    • Notes
  • No return or exchange is allowed after purchase.