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The Bride Planner is the first and ONLY complete bridal guide in Egypt.

The Bride Planner

  • "The Bride Planner" has all the tasks the bride should do, starting the day when he will meet her parents to the honeymoon, and even some tips to ease the first weeks of the bride's marriage life.

    What’s inside The Bride Planner?

    The Bride Planner is a 208 pages guide categorized by phases the bride-to-be passes through till she earns the title Mrs.

    1. List of the best wedding and bridal events suppliers: makeup artists, wedding planners, hairdressers, headpiece and veil, photographers, videographers, wedding dress shops, bridal shoes and bachelorette party organizers (Henna).
    2. List of the best home furnishing suppliers: ceramic and flooring, kitchen, appliances, lighting, home decor, furniture, carpets and curtains
    3. Guide for interior design styles and how to follow them while furnishing your home
    4. Checklists with the exact tasks the bride needs to accomplish from the proposal to the honeymoon
    5. Detailed guide for the groom’s suit
    6. 6 must do grooming tips
    7. Space to write the amounts paid and due
    8. Kitchen Tools 
    9. Tips on how to choose your wedding dress
    10. Wedding Veil Guide
    11. Comparison between your favorite wedding venues
    12. Advice on how to choose honeymoon destinations
    13. Comparison between your different honeymoon plans
    14. What should be inside your honeymoon bag
    15. When you should clean anything at home
    16. Place for writing notes and list of people to call
    17. Priority Organizer
    18. Weekly Planner
    19. Special letters
    20. Special dates tracker

    The Bride Planner comes with a bookmark.

  • No return or exchange is allowed after purchase.

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